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This cordless styler will turn out to be your new best friend

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Bad hair day?

Hair tools are a must-have drawer item every girl possesses these days. The past years have proven the world went wireless; phones, chargers, headphones, antennas, speakers, and the list goes on. So why were hair tools left behind?

Cords get tangled up and, in our way, especially when we travel, go on and off important business meetings or want to pep-up our hair from work to drinks. That is why eliminating plugs, unorganized and jam-packed drawers and adopting technological advancements is perhaps the best thing in the curling irons world.

My top choice: Stylr™ Cordless Travel Hair Styler – The best styling iron your hair will ever know.

I’m a natural curly cake, no stranger to frizzy and fly away hair, my hair is prone to weather changes like humidity and dampness and so it often reshapes throughout the day.

I can be at home, travel around town or overseas, sit in my office or go out to lunch, it’s unavoidable. So, I went out and further explored different curlers and styling irons that I’m able to carry around with me just in case of a sudden hair fail. After evaluating a few options, Stylr™ Cordless Travel Hair Styler is my top pick.

Stylr™ Cordless Travel Hair Styler is incredibly handy since it can both straighten your hair, wave and curl it. Its elliptic shaped and smooth barrel leaves my hair shiny and smooth and heats up faster than other straighteners and curlers I’ve trialed.

What I also really liked is that the styler is tiny and very user friendly when you have thick hair like mine. It takes over the smallest bits of hair, quickly manipulates the smallest bits of hair and easily used on-the-go without having cords tangling in your bag.

Stylr™ Cordless Travel Hair Styler best features:

Safety first! Stylr™ Cordless Travel Hair Styler heats up to 200 °C is perfect for me because I’d hate to feel like I’m burning my hair. The indicator gives me an idea of the current styler temperature, so I’d know not to go overboard and steam up my roots.

Size matters! Whoever says otherwise obviously does not know the hassle of full-sized stylers. Stylr™ Cordless Travel Hair Styler is easily controlled and maneuvered, whether you extra-smooth your hair or aiming for the tightest curls. Throw this styler in your gym or travel bag.

You’ve got the look! Brushed-out waves, Shirly Temple curls, Poker-straight Kim K., Bridal styles – The three-temperature mode setting is great for having a bit of a hair change every once in a while, so you can range from casual to formal with a styler twist.

Watch Stylr™ in action

With all that Stylr™ Cordless Travel Hair Styler can do with your hair, you’d imagine it reaching the 3-figure price range, right? Not quite!

Stylr™ is that good that Celebrity Hair Styler, Giuseppe Franco has endorsed it and is using it at his famous Beverly Hills Salon. So far there is great customer feedback and its gaining popularity as the #1 Cordless Styler on the market both quality and value for money..Orders are overwhelming and looks like stock won’t last for long.

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