These New KN95 Face Masks Are Selling Out Fast In The US

"The Breakthrough Protective Face Mask Everyone is talking about..."
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As states continue to re-open, more and more counties are beginning to actively enforce mask-wearing measures. In some localities, residents can face fines up to $1,000 dollars for not wearing a mask.

One of the best ways to remain safe and compliant is to get a high quality face-mask that is effective, comfortable, and breathable.

Here’s what’s unfortunate: there’s a lot of face masks out there that are made with poor quality materials, and multiple sizes/quantities are often unavailable.

However, now there’s a new health supply store that has all of your masks needs covered. From reusable cloth masks, to KN95 filter masks, this site has them all available in plentiful quantities.

What is It?

It’s called a KN95 Mask, and it’s sold by an American company. This mask provides unparallelled protection when you need it the most!

This mask completely covers your mouth and nose and is also very comfortable. It also comes in 10, 25, 50, or even 100 packs: so you can choose the quantity right for you. Thankfully, the company has taken a hard stance against price gouging and is offering these masks at just above cost. 

Why are KN95 Masks Selling Out So Fast?

The KN95 Mask is a breakthrough when it comes to comfort, reducing particle spread, and most importantly breathing clean air.

Here’s some of the cutting edge features of this face mask:

Is it any wonder people are switching to KN95 Masks in droves?

How does This Mask Filter Out Airborne Toxins?

Each KN95 mask contains 5 layers of carbon filters gives you an extra level of protection you won’t get with most other brands.

How Much Do KN95 Masks Cost?

High end face mask can go for as much $100 or even $200. Which the surging demand for face masks right now the price could climb even higher.

Hope Health Supply is committed to getting face masks to as many people as possible. And they don’t want the price tag to be a stumbling block.

So for a limited time Safe line is offering a 50% discount, selling for just $2.99 a piece.

However, please understand that because of extremely high demand inventory is selling out VERY FAST. And you must act quick to secure your KN95 mask, before it’s sold out.

Where can I Get My KN95 Masks?

If it’s still in stock, here where you can get yours:

Order a FDA-Certified KN95 Mask from the Safe Line website here.

(To avoid getting scammed by the many counterfeit masks out there, please order from the official site.)