Are You Actually Safe While Wearing Your Facemask? (Most Aren’t And Here’s Why)

“I felt scared and left out without a mask. I'm so Happy that won't happen again”
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“I thought this whole thing has blown over but first I saw on the news about a second wave and then some family friends got sick,” says Jonathan P. “… and just like the first wave I was left without masks. I felt helpless when I couldn’t find one (even at the real high prices)

Unfortunately, Jonathan’s story is nothing new.

Matter of fact, thousands of Americans believe they have been ill-informed when it comes to their health and the correct face protection they should be wearing, especially as the country begins to re-open.

With all of the confusion information on the appropriate PPE, how do you know which mask to wear… and why?

The problem with most masks people are buying or making at home is that they are clumsy, difficult to breathe in, not very effective, and are not medical grade PPE.

Learn why THOUSANDS of Americans are hoarding this certain type of mask and nothing else.

We all know that we should wear masks during this nerve-wracking time. In some places, it is even REQUIRED that we wear masks.

However, does it seem like no one is being clear about which masks actually work and why?

We wanted to take some time to see why doctors, nurses and other highly educated professionals are ONLY using a certain mask that protects both themselves and others.

There are 3 main types of Masks: Kn95, 3ply, and Cloth

Kn95 means it protects you from 95 percent of all airborne particles and VIRUSES.

Kn95 masks:

3ply masks:

Cloth Masks:

Simon Kolstoe, an expert in evidence-based healthcare had this to say about the Kn95 mask:

“The increasingly famous kn95 mask has a filtration device able to stop 95% of 0.3 micrometre (0.0003 millimetre) particles. Contrast this with cloth fibres, of the type you might use for a homemade mask. The gap between most cloth fibres found in the home depends on weave thickness and can be 1,000 times bigger compared with the Kn95 mask – around 1 to 0.1 millimetres.”

Other Medical professionals that highly recommend Kn95 masks

  • Chandini R MacIntyre, Academic physician (The Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales)
  • Chi Dung Tham, Academic physician
  • Holly Seale, Academic
  • Abrar Chughtai, Academic physician

Recently, a study found that cloth mask wearers were 3X more likely to catch an infection than those who wore a medical grade mask like the Kn95. (Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 7(4), 413-418. doi:10.1017/dmp.2013.43)

The filtration provided by cloth masks proved to be extremely poor compared to surgical masks.

The study suggested that cloth masks may provide some protection but not nearly as much as a surgical mask or respirator.

The specific design of the Kn95 mask is not only effective at protecting you from viruses, it has other positive benefits as well.

With the Current state of 2020 can you afford to not wear the SAFEST option for you and your family?

During these uncertain times, it is important to be prepared and to have the best possible equipment to keep you and your family healthy.

Are you ready to put your mind at ease?

Purchase your Kn95 facial protection mask today!

How to Get Your KN95 Facemasks?