The Worst Decoration On Your Tree: If 2020 Was Christmas Ornament… It Would Be This!

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Between a global pandemic, endless wildfires, UFOs, and murder hornets, this was sure a year for the history books! And what better way to relegate it to the history books, there to stay, than a holiday ornament paying tribute to 2020’s most memorable experiences.

This fun and festive ornament features festive little people all wearing Santa hats and masks.

You can choose any number of people you want – from one (for you solo quarantine cuties) to ten (that’s kind of a big cluster, buddy). There’s even space to write in a cute Christmas message as a fun craft project!

Each little face comes equipped with a mask – and there’s a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer at the bottom – so all your little Christmas avatars can protect themselves from the active global pandemic!!!

There’s even a little toilet paper roll, as a fun, cute reminder of 2020’s collapsing global supply chains. It’s the perfect ornament to say “wow, 2020 sure happened, and I was its regrettable witness.”

Each ornament ships directly from Boise, ID and comes with tracking info – so in a year of uncertainties, you can at least count on this ornament arriving on time!

Plus, the ornaments are made of sturdy PVC material, so you know they’ll stand the test of time.

That means, years from now, your grandchildren can pull this ornament out of the holiday decoration box and say, “you were alive for the Dark Year, weren’t you grandma/grandpa?”

And you can smile tersely back and say “we don’t talk about the Dark Year, little Tommy.”

Thousands of families have already begun to recieve their ornaments, and they love ’em! Some say there’s not much Americans can agree on these days, but the glowing reviews for this beauty speak otherwise:

Like everything else this year, there is some unforunate news we must tell you… This ornament is selling out fast! Since going viral online, thousands of people have already placed their ornament orders, and inventory is running low (especially for the more popular configurations). So, we urge you to claim yours today before they’re all sold out! Don’t be slow to the take for this one.

There’s even a 50% off discount for a limited time Pre-Christmas Sale! So don’t wait – order your 2020 Christmas ornament now and say goodbye to 2020’s eldritch horrors in style.