The Year From Hell Has Been Saved, Thanks To A Christmas Ornament?

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Whoever wins or loses, the #1 thing we can all agree on— we are ready for 2020 to be behind us…

And what better way to commemorate the year than with a Christmas ornament— something the White House Historical Association has been doing since the Reagan Administration.

But instead of a White House Ornament (we can all use a lil’ break), we wanted to find the best, most original Christmas ornament that captured one of the strangest years of our lives.

Here at Dot Com Product, INC, we’re always on the lookout for the funniest Christmas ornaments that will have the entire family (from age 1 to 100) howling with laughter!

We start our search early every year because the BEST and most clever ornaments always sell out waaaaaaaaay before the holidays hit.

So if you’re here now, and you love discovering rare, “Christmas gems” that are difficult to find anywhere else, then keep reading—

After countless hours of research and scouring the Internet for the best Christmas ornament designs…

We finally found the one that sums up 2020 perfectly:

“These are so stinkin’ cute I love them. Sad this is how we have to remember 2020... but at least we can have a good laugh!” - Joan T. New Mexico.

What Is The #1 Christmas Ornament That’s Selling Out Fast?

It’s called Safety-Santas™️ and it’s the cutest Christmas ornament of 2020… and can warm even the “Grinchiest” of hearts!

Just have a look for yourself:

What Makes Safety-Santas™️ The Best Ornament Of 2020?

You can personalize how many Safety-Santa™️ heads come on each ornament— from 1 to 7 Santa heads.

As seen below:

The Safety-Santas™️ ornament is completely customizable.

So you can write each family member’s name without it smearing or looking “cheap.”

(How to write names: First, use a pencil to sketch names on the blank Santa hat. Then use a permanent marker, and let dry!)

The Safety-Santas™️ ornament is shipped directly from Boise, Idaho. NOT SHIPPED FROM CHINA.

The Safety-Santas™️ ornament is durable and practically impossible to break.

It’s made with a sturdy PVC (the same indestructible polyvinyl that can withstand YEARS of weather without a scratch).

Who Is This Santa Ornament For?

Where Can I Purchase Safety-Santa™️ Ornament?

The Safety-Santas™️ ornament is available in select store locations around the United States. However, many readers are finding it easier to order online at the official store here.

Our facility in Boise, Idaho is ready to ship out today, and orders typically arrive between 5 and 7 business days.

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Attention: Due to the global pandemic, the upcoming election, and the holidays
shipping will become extremely difficult in the coming weeks.

This means if you don’t place your order of Safety-Santas™️ today, then you could risk not getting your order in time.

And we would HATE IT if your order didn’t arrive until AFTER Christmas 2020.

This Christmas will be one for the record books.

That’s why smart shoppers, such as yourself, are ordering their Safety-Santas™️ for the entire family today and with FREE shipping!

That way they can ensure that they have their Safety-Santas™️ Christmas ornament before it’s too late.

Note: Last minute orders may not be available in time for the holidays and could be delayed up until January 28th 2021!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase… or if your item arrives damaged… then we will REFUND your money, every single penny… with zero hard feelings.

We already know you won’t want to return your purchase.

Once you receive your Safety-Santa™️ ornaments (w/ speedy shipping) and take them out of their box, we know you’ll fall in LOVE with them.

But if you do not find our Safety-Santas™️ ornaments to be top quality, or you are unsatisfied with our service…

Then we will return your investment without questions or hassle.

Simply call our TOLL-FREE number here: 855-210-3940 between Monday – Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM CST and we will return your money with no questions asked.

Buyer Beware!

If you do not order from this page, then you could risk getting SCAMMED from other “sellers” on the Internet.

Take a look at the SCAM purchase below from Amazon:

Note: Safety-Santas™️ from Dot Com Products, INC is the only company located in the USA that ships every day from its facility in Boise, Idaho.

Is My Order Safe And Secure?

We know there are people on the Internet that take advantage of others…

We want to make sure your order is 100% safe, and secure, and you feel comfortable during each step of the checkout process.

That’s why when you click here now and go to the next page, you’ll notice it’s a 256-bit encryption secure checkout process on a secure checkout web address.

That means we don’t keep your credit card information.

We keep your name and information completely private.

And we do not sell your information to 3rd parties.

We are an American company based in Boise, Idaho, and have a love of making high-quality holiday gifts that we know you’ll love!

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