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A fast metabolism is the holy grail of weight loss.

With a fast metabolism your body burns fat while having to do less exercise… With a fast metabolism you aren’t stuck eating nothing but vegetables and healthy foods.. And with a fast metabolism your body goes to work for you, burning fat while you sleep and keeping you lean and trim without much effort at all.

Those who have one take it for granted… And those who don’t would move heaven and earth for it.

But here’s the thing, this “metabolism curse” is nothing more than a myth.

We’re all human and the systems inside of our bodies all function the same… The problem is that people with a fast metabolism have less of this 1 thing that’s been holding them back for years.

I know because it used to hold me back too. No matter what diet I tried… No matter how healthy I ate, or how much exercise I forced myself to do… I would lose a little bit of fat, but in some areas of my body the fat just wouldn’t budge.

Sound familiar?

Well there’s a single reason why this is happening that almost every diet, exercise plan, and nutrition expert, overlooks.

The real reason you’re finding it hard to speed up your metabolism is because your fat cells are blocked by nasty little toxins that keep fat trapped inside.

You see, your body wants to push excess fat out of your cells, but when these bad toxins build up they begin to block the door… And like trying to push an oversized sofa through your front door, this extra fat just can’t get out.

So how does this affect your metabolism?

Well, new research from Cambridge University, now shows that as these toxins build up, your metabolism actually slows down. So now, not only are these toxins blocking the door to your cells, your body is now creating more extra fat that it can’t burn because the metabolism has slowed to a crawl. And that’s why none of your efforts to lose that fat ever seem to work. So flushing these bad toxins out of your body is the solution right?

Well, it’s not so simple.

Some people will recommend that you do one of those “fad” celebrity detoxes to flush these toxins from your body. And it makes sense, but there’s one big problem…

Those “fad” detoxes are like dropping a nuclear bomb on your system.

That means they flush out the bad toxins, but they also take the good stuff with them too! And without the good bacteria in your system, your body isn’t able to….you guessed it….keep the bad toxins from coming back!

The real trick is laser targeting those bad toxins as quickly as possible. The good news is that weight loss researchers have found that there is a nutrient combination that can do this with stunning results. I’ve tried it myself and created the video below to show you the results so you can see them for yourself.

Dr. Eric Wood, ND, is an naturopathic doctor licensed to practice in Washington DC. Dr. Wood specializes in integrative and holistic approaches to health with natural healing therapies. Dr. Wood is an associate professor of Holistic Nutrition at Hawthorn University, California. He’s also trained at Harvard University, Georgetown University, American Academy of Environmental & Biological Medicine, European Homotoxicology & Biotherapeutic Drainage, and many others. He’s a well-known international keynote speaker, an author, who has appeared on FOX, NBC, ABC, CW, and CTV, as well as in documentaries. Dr. Wood uses natural healing modalities to address hormones, weakened immunity markers, and digestive issues. He uses a variety of approaches to achieve health restoration, supporting the body’s natural ability to detox, boost healthy weight loss, and promote overall health.